Unboxing and Setting up the Amazon Echo Show 8 (with my 8 year old!)

Avatar Kip Hakes | August 6, 2020 90 Views 1 Like 4.25 On 4 Ratings

90 Views 4.25 On 4 Ratings Rate it

Thanks to my lovely Patreons, I picked up a brand new Amazon Echo Show 8 (Currently £69.99). In this video with the help(?) of my son, James we unbox it and set it up. If you'd like a smaller Echo Show, then go for the Amazon Echo Show 5

It's all pretty easy breezy to get sorted, I'd opted to tie it to my account when placing the order, so it 'knew' my WiFi network and Amazon Account. Obviously, if you get one as a gift, or from a high street retailer, the setup process is a little different.

I had lots of fun filming this, James got a little fed up and wanted to play Minecraft (the Echo Show doesn't run Minecraft). But hopefully, you'll like our vlog.

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See you soon!

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