How to Build a PC : Part 2 – My Finished AMD Ryzen 7 Build for Streaming in a Corsair DELTA Case

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Soooo.. earlier in the year I made THIS VIDEO - showing the process of me building my new PC. Since then, it's had a good chunk of upgrades and changes, and I wanted to answer a few of the comments too.

So on a quiet Sunday morning, when I had it up on my desk to clean some of the dust, I thought I'd give you a tour of my FINISHED AMD Ryzen 7 Build in a Corsair SPEC DELTA Case.

Please remember - I'm in NO WAY an expert, I'm just a guy who built a computer, it's not the snazziest or the best, but it works. Any questions or comments, just drop them and I'll try my best to help.

Intro and Outro Music is by Nick Hutson Music
Incidental / Bed Music is from Epidemic Sounds

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