What’s a £135 Casper Dog Bed like?! Let’s unbox it and find out!

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Duggee has needed a new bed for a while now. His existing one was big enough and squishy enough, but it just didn't wash all that well. He's had several beds in the time we've owned him - he's either outgrown them, chewed them, or like his existing one, it's looking ratty after lots of washes.

So.. we decided to upgrade him to a Casper Dog Bed. They aren't cheap.. The Medium Size we got him is a cool £135. Which, seems a lot, however, we wanted something that will last, can be washed, and take the 'digging' Duggee does.

Thankfully, if you look around, you might (like we did) find some discount codes for Casper Dog Beds and Mattresses. There's a code knocking about now that will take 60% off the cost of the bed, which makes it much more reasonable.

This video shows me unboxing, and 'building' the bed, as well as Duggee doing a little bit of testing. My lounge isn't really set up for filming, so apologies for the slightly ropey phone video / audio in there.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy this slightly different video with some Duggee action.

You can get a Casper Dog Bed here - If you want to buy a Casper Mattress and get £50 off and support Kiphakes.tv use this link.

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