Have I had COVID-19? Taking an ‘At Home’ Antibody Test!

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Well - I had an interesting item in the post today..

Before we get into that.. I've decided to set up a Patreon page to help fund my endeavours in blogging and vlogging and reward those who enjoy it. If you'd like to sign up and support me, then feel free. Here's the link.

What was in the Post?

An 'At-Home' Antibody Test for COVID-19. This test *should* tell you if you've had COVID-19 previously, by looking for specific antibodies in your blood. That's right, it's a blood test you do at home!

After a little prick (ooooh!) within 10 minutes, you'll know if you've had the dreaded 'rona.

I wanted to share the whole experience with you, from start to finish, so I've quickly cobbled together this video of me testing myself. Hopefully, it will show you that even a big baby like me can successfully test at home.

There's been a lot of interest in these tests, so I wanted to get this video out as quickly as I can - apologise if it's not as slick as my regular videos!

I got this test from Ipsos Mori - I've downloaded the 'Zoe' app which I report to each day, and it helps the NHS and researchers how the virus is moving. I said I was willing to take part in surveys and research during the registration, so this was part of that. I'd recommend downloading the Zoe app - it's here.

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