Unboxing and Setting Up the Nintendo Switch Lite

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With lockdown happening in the UK, the Nintendo Switch has become even more popular - especially after the launch of the incredible Animal Crossing - New Horizons. It's made getting your hands on the original version of the console a little bit tricky! The Nintendo Switch Lite, up until recently, has been pretty easy to get hold of. But stocks are slowly dwindling of these too.

Thankfully, I was able to grab hold of one on Amazon (in Grey) so Mrs Hakes could get an Animal Crossing fix in her hands!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a reduced sized version of the original Nintendo Switch, it's a fully handheld console. It cannot be docked and played on the TV like it's older brother, and the controllers are fixed to the side (although you can pair additional Joycons for games that need them).

This video shows what you can find in the box, and gives a brief look at the setup and configuration. I didn't want to delve too far in because ultimately, this wasn't my console, and was a gift.

I really like the Nintendo Switch as a console, and the Nintendo Switch Lite is an excellent addition to the family!

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