We Sniff Poo! Dreaming up new Theme Park Rides with scents from AromaPrime

Avatar Kip Hakes | October 2, 2019 67 Views 1 Like 5 On 1 Rating

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The cool kids at AromaPrime sent us some vials of 'themed scents' to sniff out, and we decided to use them to imagine some weird and wonderful new rides and attractions. They sent us super sweet 'Cake Shop' to the boak-inducing 'Fish Market'.

Join James and me as we test all the smells, and ponder some (absolutely mental) rides.

Will you want to take a ride on Mr Snails? Or perhaps step aboard the flying shed?

Find out which smell had to be put in the bin and set fire to. If you're wondering who AromaPrime are, they're the leading scent marketing and experience company in the UK. Helping make immersive Venues, Attractions, Events and Experiences. Established for almost 20 years with a lasting reputation for quality and service.

Thanks so much for AromaPrime for their wonderful (and terrible) scents. You can check out their website here.

Written by Kip Hakes


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